Blog Post VI

Blog Post- Post a progress report on your literature review. How has your bibliography developed?
Where are you with your reading of sources? Reading strategies for approaching this number of texts (and
writing about them effectively…)?

So far my lit review has been going well. I originally thought my sources had to be in the past 10 years but because they don’t I have a lot more freedom. I’ve been slowly reading the sources starting with the articles. I’ve found for reading these, or books, marking pages that relate to the author’s argument/sources/other things valuable for a lit review is helpful. For the books, I’ve found looking at each book’s intro and how they approach the topic is good because you can then compare those amongst the different books. The main issue/challenge for this amount of works is spacing them out so that you have enough time to get through them all but not so much time that you forget what you’ve read or have too much too read in too little time. For this, I’ve been trying to read a certain amount of each book a day then at the end create a brief summary of the book with my notes for later use.

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