Blog Post VI

When I first started to put together my presentation, I wasn’t sure if I would have enough to talk about, but when I went to practice I found that I had to cut back on what I had. I also found that in order to cover everything I wanted to cover I would have to speak at a pretty brisk pace, but not too fast or I wouldn’t be understood. I found the best way to go about the presentation was to make the visual component with regard to what you want to talk about then just do a run through of all the things you want to do, meaning that first practice will be super long. Then, use that presentation in your memory to refine the talking points and once you settle on the main ideas, practice using those and creating transitions until it works well. I find that the presenters who don’t use notecards or have a strict list of talking points are the most interesting because they must have practised and known their subject/presentation.

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